Uncategorized Are We in a Housing Bubble? It’s one of the many questions I answered yesterday while being interviewed on GoLocalProv during an interview about Rhode Island real estate. It’s a topic high on the radar of many buyers and sellers nationwide. For buyers who are daunted by this incredibly escalated market, many wonder if they should “wait it out” or worry […]
Uncategorized From the best spots for sunsets to the best “digs” for donuts in the Ocean State! Rhode Island sunsets are ones to savor. I make it an almost weekly activity to seek them out to capture and internalize. We are replete with countless great spots to capture them here in Rhode Island. My favorite areas are a few hidden spots in Barrington; one of which is featured in my preview image, and […]
Uncategorized “Baby, Light My Way”…… Exciting news about a plan to light up the rusty Crook Point Bascule Bridge that’s been frozen in time in an upright position for decades. It’s an image that is emblazoned in many a native Rhode Islander’s mind and heart with many wishing it would come down and others, like myself regarding it with fondness […]
Uncategorized Are you ready for summer adventures in RI? It’s been a long time coming. We’ve waited long and hard for just a glimpse of the “yellow”  light to live a little, to socialize, to explore, to get outside of our homes and into nature, into this beautiful spot we call Rhode Island.  For the past 16 months many of us have felt like […]
Uncategorized It’s a bit like the Wild West in the RI Real Estate Market! This real estate market is indeed like the “Wild West” as referenced by this timely article in today’s Journal.  It’s a market requiring both buyers and sellers to grab ahold of the reins tightly for it’s a market of high velocity and one in which the risk of getting “spooked” is real. It’s a market […]
Uncategorized Market Value vs. Market Price. Do you know the difference? In real estate, many agents suggest that it all comes down to price. It is true that a property sells just because of price? What about the value component? As a Realtor I will determine a market price without viewing the property based on comparables and market data. Then I determine a market value once […]
Uncategorized 5 design moves that Christina Haack from HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” has ditched in favor of some hot new style moves….. I love all of that which she has ditched!!! Christina Haack of “Flip of Flop” reveals 5 older trends (which may or may not be witnessed at the Huard household) that could stand to be left behind and replaced with some more appealing finishes! With so many homeowners choosing to improve their current living situation […]
Uncategorized The RI real estate market “temp” is on par with the elevated temps we are enjoying there in the Ocean State. SPF 70 required! It’s front page news and “front and center” for buyers and sellers engaged in this high velocity real estate market here in Rhode Island. Homes being listed competitively are closing at prices well over asking. Multiple offers with minimal contingencies ruling the day for buyers eager to hear those ever elusive, highly coveted “Offer Accepted” […]
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Uncategorized Meet Matthew King of Taco Box Trailer in Warren, RI. Huge small business love felt by this Realtor and resident After a few significant health hurdles this winter I finally decided to do what I have wanted to do for a while…..sponsor a Parkbench Barrington website.  To show my support of small businesses in and around a town I grew up in and adore has been something I’ve yearned to do for a while. I […]
Rhody Life Oh me oh my, it’s Warren, RI! Have you been to adorable and endearing Warren, RI lately? It’s that little haven right between Barrington and Bristol….Do you know the one? The one where you can bike to Del’s on the East Bay Bike Path, grab some hot weiners at Rod’s Grille by the old Jamiels or head down to Water Street for […]
Uncategorized Experts Say Home Prices Will Continue to Appreciate It’s clear that consumers are concerned about how quickly home values are rising. Many people fear the speed of appreciation may lead to a crash in prices later this year. In fact, Google reports that the search for “When is the housing market going to crash?” has actually spiked 2450% over the past month. In […]
Uncategorized Four ways to maximize the sale of your house! 4 Tips to Maximize the Sale of Your House Homeowners ready to make a move are definitely in a great position to sell today. Housing inventory is incredibly low, driving up buyer competition. This gives homeowners leverage to sell for the best possible terms, and it’s fueling a steady rise in home prices. In such […]
Uncategorized Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle and the life of a candle will not be shortened.” Buddha “Happiness never decreases by being shared.”  Buddha I am a big believer in this tenet and clearly so are the people who comprise my “village.”  Each time I sound the alarm, that there is a need worthy of answering, my neighbors, friends, colleagues and family members line up in droves.  I do believe with all […]
Uncategorized What Defines Me As A Rhode Island Realtor? I am fueled daily by the desire to make a difference in the lives of all those around me. A focus that is universal and all-encompassing and innate. It’s a focus on helping others. Real Estate is the perfect conduit to do just that. To be highly engaged throughout RI in a profession that is […]
Uncategorized Curious about life in Barrington, RI?   I may be small in stature but I am BIG on supporting others. For me, it’s  my “why.”  I am “still” here despite years of severe health challenges so that I can help people. I believe that to be true with all of my heart. Each day my intention is one of helping others. […]
Uncategorized Looking for 5 hot spots to dine at in the East Bay area of RI? Craving the “skinny” on five local hot spots to dine in or out of in the East Bay area of Rhode Island?    
Uncategorized Growing up in a small town in Rhode Island   Growing up in Barrington, RI in the 1970s and 1980s was pretty darn magical. I lived one block away from one set of cousins, two blocks from another and around the corner from my grandparents.  We lived on Ferry Lane until age 8 and then moved “all the way” to Rumstick.  My parents still live […]
Uncategorized Why you should think of listing prices as an Auctions’ reserve price Every day is auction day lately. The offer price is merely the ticket assigned to the commodity. A commodity whose “worth” escalates exponentially as soon as it hits the market. It’s a market the resonates pure “supply and demand theory” and it’s actively “on display” throughout this state in which I engage in real estate. […]
Uncategorized How much leverage do today’s sellers have? How Much Leverage Do Today’s House Sellers Have? The housing market has been scorching hot over the last twelve months. Buyers and their high demand have far outnumbered sellers and a short supply of houses. According to the latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), sales are up 23.7% from the same time last […]
Uncategorized The incentive to buy in RI is as clear as a “3 bridge day” in the Ocean State! Home Mortgage Rates by Decade [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights Mortgage interest rates have dropped considerably over the past year, and compared to what we’ve seen in recent decades, it’s a great time to buy a home. Locking in a low rate today could save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your home loan, but […]