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Market Predictions What Every Seller Should Know About Home Prices   If you’re trying to decide whether or not to sell your house, recent headlines about home prices may be top of mind. And if those stories have you wondering what that means for your home’s value, here’s what you need to know. What’s Happening with Home Prices? You may have seen news stories mentioning […]
Market Predictions Luxury Homes Are in High Demand As people realize their needs are changing, some are turning to luxury housing to find their dream home. Investopedia helps define what pushes a home into this category. In a recent article, they point out that a luxury home isn’t only defined by its price. Location is also an important factor. It could be a […]
Rhody Life How to maximize a gorgeous Saturday in the Ocean State! These are the days!!! These are the days we, in the Ocean State, arise with a smile on our faces and a pep within our “gate!” Seeking some “idears” on what to do today? Check out today’s blog for a game plan which includes a BEVVIE of local hot spots to hit so you can […]
Market Predictions There are Almost No Houses For Sale in Rhode Island Honored to be quoted in this article this morning on GoLocalProv.com. Being the glass now “overfloweth” gal that I am, I WOULD like to accentuate the “almost” verbiage in this headline. As I told new buyer clients last night as we engaged in a buyer’s presentation at their PVD kitchen table, ‘If I acquired 3 […]
Rhody Life Great new spot in Little Rhody that YOU need to check out! When Covid hit I brainstormed ( teacher-speak) on how I could help support my neighbors. I pondered about what I could do to show my support of small businesses and their surrounding communities in some tangible way. I was living in NH at the time, commuting back and forth to “Do” real estate in RI […]
Rhody Life “How Do Ya Like Them Apples?” Happy Fall!!  I couldn’t help but think of this well-loved quote from a great movie filmed locally in Boston- “Good Will Hunting” as I sat down to write today’s blog, on a gorgeous Halloween day here in Barrington, Rhode Island! If you are like many in New England, you like “them apples” picked fresh from […]
Rhody Life 2 Athletic Field painters create a yard art small business and in so doing infuse beauty & spirit in several local communities Good people abound…..especially the amazing small business owners I love to support. Thank you to Channel 10 News Reporter Samm Read for shining the light even brighter on these great guys who are infusing joy and a sense of community with each install they do. Thank you RI YARD ART for boosting the joy factor here […]
Rhody Life Oh me oh my, it’s Warren, RI! Have you been to adorable and endearing Warren, RI lately? It’s that little haven right between Barrington and Bristol….Do you know the one? The one where you can bike to Del’s on the East Bay Bike Path, grab some hot weiners at Rod’s Grille by the old Jamiels or head down to Water Street for […]
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