More About Me

A Rhode Island native who advocates fiercely for each and every client

Hi, I'm Sarah.
I truly am a Rhode Island girl to the core. I was born and raised in Barrington RI surrounded by family members, many of whom remain today, and had an incredible experience growing up here; playing competitive tennis, developing neighborhood lifelong friendships & creating cherished memories of years spent by the Barrington harbor. Summers were spent down in Narragansett where I experienced all that defined beach living in the South County. I then went “all the way“ to Providence to attend Brown University where I nurtured my love the East Side of Providence and all that entailed living on College Hill. Upon graduation, I embarked on a year of Community Service with City Year which enabled me to give back to the city and to the state I loved via community-based projects within RI. The year of service I spent as a corps member was a transformative year as it solidified and tapped into my core desire to help others. This desire to "help others" then led to grad school in Cambridge where I earned a Master's in Early Childhood Education and funneled my desire to help others through the practice of teaching; specifically grades 2 and 3 in Brookline, Ma. The "itch" to return to the Ocean State however called me back home and in 2003 our family moved back to Barrington. While we love our life in Barrington, I also keep my ties to Providence, Brown, City Year and South County very strong. While continuing my involvement with City Year, I also am highly involved in Save a Lab, based in Middletown/Newport and in Meals on Wheels; a nonprofit I feel very strongly about. My link to Brown is strong and I have been fortunate to establish many clients within the Brown University network both buying and selling. With roughly 20 family members having attended Brown and my unforgettable 4 years there as a varsity athlete, working out of the Providence office of MCSIR has been extremely conducive to fortifying this relationship. As a result of my widespread "wingspan" in RI, my reach and my market knowledge throughout our small state runs deep as do my sales throughout numerous RI zip codes. Sales and my seller clients have brought me throughout all of Providence, the East Bay, West Bay and South County. I truly am a very "mobile" Realtor thanks to my years of living throughout the state and
my deep market sense and networks throughout much of RI.
With my strong Rhode Island roots past and present, I am eager to share my life-long knowledge and love of Rhode Island with my clients. With my background in teaching, a major in psychology and a genuine love of working with people, I thrive on helping others. Helping my clients is WHY I became a Realtor. My approach pivots on the tremendous emphasis I place on my value proposition via consistent sharing of my local knowledge, insights, market sense and diverse sales experience with each client. Finding the perfect home to suit the needs of all new families and to provide them with the connections and information they need to feel anchored in RI is truly my greatest desire. Assisting my clients in selling their beloved homes with a step-by- step approach via helping them prep their homes impeccably for market and pricing precisely is what sets me apart from the rest and is what I simply relish doing! To share my real estate expertise, my experience & my unique, competitive "all in" approach with my clients to achieve maximum success, is my daily mission.
With a consistent “heavy load“of sales on the buy and sell-side, I pride myself on giving my all to each client. It’s what my past and current clients refer to as the “Huard Hustle.” Giving 110% to ensure a timely and lucrative sale price and competitive purchase price, while providing exceptional service is what I pride myself on delivering to each client. When people ask me why I love real estate as much as I do my answer is simple. “It’s the people part.” Guiding, assisting and HELPING people is why I dove ALL into real estate. It's what I wake up early to do and why I continually push myself to learn more & to always be on top of all the latest macro and micro real estate trends & market behaviors so that I can give more to my clients. Real estate has been the ultimate conduit to do all of that and I'm blessed to do it for an agency I am honored to represent and a state I know like the back of my hand and love to my core. Why did I become a Realtor? It truly is my "Why I am here" and I do it with complete dedication, drive, devotion and a smile on my face!